The Beauty of Italy (video+photos)

Italy is one of Mother Nature's gems with natural diversity, incomparable art, and abundant wineries.. truly a dedication to living life well.

10 Things We Love About Italy

Here is a great video that we’re sure anybody who has been to Italy will appreciate.

Top 10 Stereotypes ITALIANS Don’t Like

Italians are a nation of poets, sailors and lovers: well, there is nothing quite as stereotyped as that, yet, even in this, one finds a grain of truth.

This amazing $97 Train Route Shows the Stunning Beauty of Americas West Coast

America is an amazing place to travel by Train. Here, we have found for you a train trip on Ameica's west coast at the amazing price of $97! Let us begin!

The 8 Most Picturesque Villages in Italy

Some Italian villages are like images of a fairy-tail..

The amazing Italian Road with the 52 Tunnels

There are many things that are to be explored in beautiful Italy. One of them is the historical road that passes through amazing 52 tunnels.

The masks of Venice: what are they and why do people wear them? –...

The masks of Venice are a centuries old tradition & have been worn throughout history. Today you will find people wearing them during Venice carnival..

Game Of Thrones (S07) – Best filming Locations

Game of Thrones, the tv show that combines patient, love, drama and it is sure that you would like to know the filming locations for the season 7.

The medieval Town in Italy you can stay for Free

Bussana Vecchia is an abandoned Italian medieval ghost town is now home to a utopian enclave of artists, hippies and the beautifully unconventional.

Rome City on red alert for Heat-wave

Italian health ministry places Rome City at highest heat risk level (42-44°C)!

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