Rome Pantheon to start Charge €2 entry fee

A  €2 entry fee for Rome's Pantheon will be introduced from May 2018 following a deal reached between culture ministry & the church authorities.

Map Shows the Most Peaceful Countries in the World

It's a pretty scary world at the moment, so it's only natural we' start thinking about our safety a little bit more. This map shines a light on all.

How friendly is Italy to foreigners?

Expat Insider index ranks all major countries!

Maps Show the Happiest Countries in the World

The wonderfully happy maps, created by the awesome peeps at MoveHub, show the happiness level for each country across our big blue planet.

VIDEO: Man in USA risks his own Life to save wild Rabbit from California...

The unidentified man has gone viral on Facebook for his bravery!

The World’s largest Christmas Tree in Gubbio Town in Central Italy lit up from...

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli lit the tree this year by sending a signal from the Space station, reports Italian national news agency ANSA.

Passengers ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ After AirPlane Engine Explodes During Takeoff

The pilot was “verbally shaken to the point where his voice cracked and he sounded like he was going to burst into tears," according to a passenger.

Ancient sunken Roman city Revealed on Italy’s coast

The sunken ancient City of the Caesars, lost for 1,700 years beneath waves off of Italy's west coast, has been revealed in stunning new photographs...

The Christmas Lights Festival in Alberobello, Italy

The most important nativity scene performance in Puglia, Italy, during the Christmas is the one in Alberobello that goes back to the 1970...

Sophia Loren still Gorgeous (10 pics)

At 80 years old, Sophia Loren proves she's still got what it takes. The legendary star still enjoys the compliments she receives about her good looks!

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