Thanksgiving Traffic in Los Angeles, USA, is ‘most epic’

Aerial footage has gone viral of a massive traffic jam, captured during the great Thanksgiving getaway in Los Angeles in southern California.

A Trip from Rome to Paris

Take an epic tour through the heart of Italy, Switzerland and France. Visit ancient attractions in Rome, the Cinque Terre, Lake Lucerne, Dijon, Paris and more!

Pisa is Adding a Ferris Wheel to Attract Tourists

The leaning Ferris wheel of Pisa tower?

How Donald Trump Sees the World — in 6 Maps

The arrogance of American presidential candidate Donald Trump come alive in these three maps, which continue cartography's wonderful history ...

Why Italy Is Building Concrete Barriers Around Its Most Popular Tourist Attractions ?

The concrete walls will probably aim to prevent from terror attacks ...

This Is How Countries Got Their Names

From Italy, Spain and Greece to the United States of America, we investigated.

Top 5 Movies that will make you Love Italy

A list of the top 5 movies set in beautiful locations of Italy!

Sophia Loren’s Evolution

Italian actress Sophia Loren is a remarkable beauty. Although she turned the 83 years this September, she hasn’t lost any of her inner glow!

Gerard Butler enjoys Life in Italy

“When in Rome, be a Roman”, they say. But Gerard Butler does not believe in this. He behaves in the same way he would do in Brooklyn!

Map of Cost of Living in Italy

Cost of Living in Italy, including prices for 52 products in all the main cities in Italy.

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