Planning a trip to Europe and feeling hungry already? We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our comprehensive food guide, featuring the must-try dishes across the continent. To make things even easier, we’ve also created a handy map highlighting the most popular culinary destinations in the “old world”. Bon appétit! Although many people in England may prefer a traditional roast over fish and chips, the realm of search engines tells a different story.
To create this vibrant map, we extensively searched for Google’s auto-complete suggestions in each European country to satisfy your curiosity-driven appetite.
Although some of the typical food items are mentioned, there are also some lesser-known ones worth exploring. For instance, Poland’s Pierogi is a delightful dish filled with pockets of dough.
Another example is Belarus’s Mochanka, a classic beef stew that tastes just like homemade. Lastly, the Czech Republic’s Knedlicky is a mouth-watering type of dumpling that should not be missed.