Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) – Capri Island

This is the most famous sight on Capri Island (Italy), where visitors from around the World come to get a peek inside for just a few magical moments.

7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Sistine Chapel

This is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace (the Sistine Chapel), the official residence of the holly Pope, in Vatican City in Rome (Roma).

Italy’s 10 most Romantic Towns and Villages

Italy (Italia) is the country of love and romance, with numerous romantic Cities, places and spots to fall in love again and again. Lets see them !

7 Best Things About Italy

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy."

This 119-Day Cruise Will Take you to 6 Continents

If you would like to see the world all in one trip, a new 119-day-long cruise could make your dream come true to travel all around the World.

Top 7 Regions & Cities you Must Visit in Italy

Find your ideal Italian destination..!

Fiat 500 Turns 60 Years Old

An iconic car that has starred in many movies of the Italian cinema is considered Fiat 500, It is currently celebrating its birthday; it turns 60 years old!

Top 8 ‘white’ Towns to See in Italy

Many of those "White Cities" & Villages are located in the south (Southern Italy) and especially Puglia region and they will definitely charm you.

Italian ‘Ghost Town’ for sale: Entire village available for less than price of a...

For €20,000 you can buy a 540 sq ft stone dwelling with a terrace and patio!

7 Things Italians deeply Hate about Italy

Are there things that Italians hate about their beautiful country? Indeed, there are. Read the following article and get to know more the Italian people.

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