1The Ultimate Dash Across America

In a country as vast and diverse as the United States, road trips have become a quintessential way to explore its beauty.

While some adventurers prefer leisurely journeys, there exists a unique breed of road trippers who seek the thrill of crossing state lines at breakneck speed. Brace yourselves for the ultimate dash across America.
We unveil the top 10 highlights of the shortest road trip driving through all 48 contiguous states in an exhilarating 113 hours.

The Route: A Cross-Country Odyssey

Embark on an epic journey that spans the entire continental United States, starting and ending in the charming coastal town of Lubec, Maine.

This 113-hour adventure covers approximately 8,045 miles, taking you through a mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes, from the rocky shores of the Atlantic to the sun-kissed beaches of the Pacific.