9 Delicious Italian Summer Delicacies

Italy (Italia) is well known for many things and some of them is the absolutely amazing unique gastronomy and summer delicacies!

What makes Someone Italian?

Italy is not just a country. It's more you can even think. It is the culture, the history and the unique way of life that makes a person Italian.

Top 7 Things to Do in Venice, Italy

Venice (Venezia) is maybe the most romantic city in Italy and in the whole World and has countless thing to do. Lets see the 7 best of them!

Top 8 Places to Visit in Italy

Every region of Italy is definitely worth your visit, but here are your top 8 places!

15 Reasons Why Italy Is The Best Country In The World

Italy (Italia) is definitely a piece of art. This amazing and beautiful country combines the rich history with the glamorous atmosphere in a unique way.

The Ultimate Road Trip across the USA

The best way to see as many cities as you can in the USA, is by making a road trip. On the following list, you will find the best routes and destinations!

How much do you know about Italy?

How much do you know about the home of pizza, pasta & other things about Italy?

Where Is Your Favorite Place In Italy?

The quaint Tuscan countryside or historic Rome? Tell us your favorite place in Italy!

This $213 Train Ride Shows You All of America’s Most Beautiful Sights !

A train trip can be economical, cozy and a lifetime experience to live at least once

Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities With Italian Roots

Surprisingly there are many celebrities on Hollywood with Italian roots. Some of them have a mixed heritage while others are 100 percent Italian!

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