Italian Mayor Offers €2000 to anyone willing to Live in his Small Idyllic Village in Puglia, Italy!

Nicola Gatta, the mayor of Candela, a small village/town in Puglia, Italy, has made the offer in the hope of reversing the town’s declining population.

Top 6 Christmas Markets in Italy

As Christmas approaches, we select the top Christmas markets in Italy which offer gift ideas, decorations, local handicrafts and festive food & wine!

Map of USA with what every State is Best at

Each of the 50 States of the America is special in its own way. New Yorkers make the most money, but North Dakotans have the biggest dongs!

Top 10 Countries to Visit in Europe

Sublime natural scenery, architectural wonders, and magical atmosphere - these real traveles picks for the top 10 most beautiful countries in Europe.

Opportunity to Invest in an Abandoned Italian Village

The abandoned village includes a Medieval castle remains, a palatial villa, streets of terraced workers' houses, piazzas and a Church with bell tower!

How To Become An Italian Citizen

Italy is famed for its culture and lifestyle, making many foreigners move there to live and work, Here’s a quick guide on how to get Italian citizenship!

Top 7 Towns in Italy to Dream About

Italy is probably one of the first destinations you think about vacation. Here are some picturesque towns to dream about until your next trip to Italy!

Top 8 Italian Train Trips in magic landscapes

From circumnavigating Mt. Etna, to views of lakes, rivers and natural reserves, classic trains remain a great way to see the beauty of Italy in slow motion!

Top 10 Secret Vacation Places in Italy

It’s no secret that beautiful Italy is an alluring destination. The following are 10 off-the-beaten-path destinations in Italy, as recommended by travelers!

Top 10 exotic Beaches in the USA

Whether you’re going down the shore or riding the waves in Hawaii, the beach is always a popular destination. Visit the best beaches the US has to offer!

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