Top 10 Facts About the Italian Language

Over 85 million people speak Italian. Apart from being the national language of Italy, Italian is also the co-official language of Switzerland and Slovenia!

Top 10 Facts About Italy

Italy is a fascinating place. A vacation in Italy can be packed with interesting things to see without every running out of activities or amazing sights.

Top 10 Exotic Beaches in Tuscany

In Tuscany (Toscana), Italy, you can find from white sandy beaches, to quiet hidden gems to enjoy your holidays. Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches!

10 Signs you Grew Up In An Italian Family

Growing up in an Italian family is a challenge. Italians people are well-known for their vivid temperament and their extreme love to their family!

Top 11 Places you have to See in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country that you will need a lifetime in order to explore it. Because we care about you, we have prepared a list with its highlights.

Top 10 Biggest Cities In North America

This list of North American cities by population ranks cities based on the latest available official government census figures!

Top 10 Things You Have to Do in Paris

Paris is the city of love, light, art and of course culture. Here is a Video about the best activities, attractions, and more things to do in Paris, France!


The Unites States has much to see from beautiful coastlines to majestic mountains. From east to west, below are 10 best cities to visit in USA!

Top 10 AMAZING Cafes In Italy

Did you know that Italian people give too much attention to their Café shops? Reading this list, you will find out why! A small guide to Italy’s Cafés!

The 10 Most Breathtaking Places On Earth

The Most Breathtaking Places in the World in pictures. From majestic waterfalls, and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders!

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