Visitors threw $1.5 million into Rome’s Trevi Fountain

How much money can a wish cost? Read the following article and find out how much money spent the tourists into the Trevi Fountain in Rome!

The Most Supernatural Road Trip in USA

Ready to help ET phone home? These 7 places across the United States might just put you face-to-face with UFOs, aliens, and unexplained phenomenon.

Top 7 unspoiled places in Italy

Italy is a combination of enchanting beauty and although it may be a tourist’s paradise, there are still parts that are untouched and unspoiled.

The Geography Map of Italy

Everyone should know a few facts of the country that he or she has visited. That's why, we have selected the most important info about Italy.

The 9 best Beaches in Italy

The Italian landscapes are just wonderful for your Travel bucket list. But don't forget the amazing beaches of Italy that you won't find this beauty anywhere else around the World.

Italian Cities… Outside Italy

Italy was a world-dominating country. With its own culture and its flair for artistic expression & beauty, Italy was also its economical and political power.

Weather in Italy – Month by Month

The weather is a great parameter for visiting a country. Italy is a great destination because of its great weather. Let us read more about it, though!

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin take their newborn Twins on their first Trip to...

We are sure that Ella & Alexander are going to love Lake Como!

7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Sistine Chapel

This is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace (the Sistine Chapel), the official residence of the holly Pope, in Vatican City in Rome (Roma).

Italy’s 10 most Romantic Towns and Villages

Italy (Italia) is the country of love and romance, with numerous romantic Cities, places and spots to fall in love again and again. Lets see them !

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