The Park of Monsters – Bomarzo, Italy

The Park of Monsters is a Manieristic monumental complex located in northern Italy and the garden was created during the 16th century!

Top 5 Italy’s Natural Hot Springs

Italy has some of the most beautiful natural hot springs in the world. Full of beneficial minerals, these waters have many health & beauty benefits!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Italy

Italy is a country with beauty and rich cultural heritage. There are many things to do and see in Italy but let's find out the top 10 choices!

The 10 Most Breathtaking Airports in the U.S.

One of the most important things when you are constantly traveling is the airport. Read our list and find ten of the best airports in the USA!

Salerno – a Coastal Jewel of Italy

This ancient city is a true jewel on the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea and it will definitely enrapture you with its authentic and extraordinary charm.

The Beautiful Cathedral of Saint Mary of Florence

The magnificent Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower is one of the most famous churches in Florence, Italy and has an important monumental significance!

The 10 Most Beautiful Lakes In The USA

USA defenately has numerous lakes on each of its states. But for sure every single one of them has a unique beauty. Let's discover the 10 most beautiful.

A Gift from Rome, Italy – Timelapse Video

If you have yet to see this incredible time-lapse of Rome City (Roma) in Italy, prepare to be blown away. An amazing Video (2:52) by Kirill Neiezhmakov!

Italian village is offers $2,000 if you move there

Under Mayor Daniele Galliano's proposed plan, those who move to Bormida village in Italy and rent or buy property will get €2,000 in cash!

Map of Italian Languages and dialects

Although Italy is considered to be among the list of the “medium size” countries, there are plenty Italian language and dialect diversities!

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