World biggest Pizza is made in Italy (1.8 km)

100 chefs gathered in Naples, Italy to create a pizza stretching over 1.15 miles long, which sets the new world record for the Longest Pizza!

What it is Like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Luxury Suites Class (Airbus...

Singapore Airlines has unveiled the new interior for its fleet of Airbus A380s...

How much $100 Worth in each State of America?

The actual value of $100 is the same in all 50 States, but when it comes to actual purchasing power, your mileage may vary depending on where you are.

The Heartbreaking Moment when Dog is Rescued 9 Days after Italy Earthquake

A dog has been rescued after being trapped in piles of rubble for nine days, following an earthquake that rocked the central regions of Italy.

Wikipedia may Shut down the Italian-Language Site in response to speech restrictions

Wikipedia shuts down the Italian Site and threatens complete deletion in response to speech restrictions from the Italian Prime Minister.

Airbus A380 draws Christmas tree in the Sky

Airbus A380 - the world's largest passenger plane - carried out a very festive test flight over the Sky, as can be viewed on flight tracker websites.

Map with the Most Popular Countries in the World

Did you ever wondered what the world's most popular countries in the world are?

Inside Costa Concordia Shipwreck (10+pics)

Five (5) years after the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized off the Italian coast, stunning images give a rare look inside the wreckage.

10+ Pictures: The Best and most Magical Christmas displays in beautiful Italy

From north to south and east to west, Italy's towns and cities have had a festive makeover ahead of the Christmas. We've gathered together the 10 best...

Man who drove his Car into Italian Christmas market wanted to Kill indiscriminately

A man will be charged with attempting mass people murder after he drove a car into a Christmas market in northerntown of Sondrio in Italy.

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