Naples Wants Its Pizza to Have UNESCO Status

Naples Italian pizza makers are hoping the United Nations agrees pizza twirling in Naples a candidate to join UNESCO's list of Intangible Heritage.

How to Travel the World for less than $2 a day

Wait. Is this really possible?

Top 5 Romantic Things to do in Tuscany

Here’s a list of the top 5 things to do in Tuscany in order to make your boy-girlfriend totally fall in love with you or ask you to get married for the first or 2nd time!

The 5 Places to Eat in Monti, Rome

Off Rome's tourist trail, but within walking distance of the Colosseum stadium, this bohemian neighborhood is where trendy Romans go for food..

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engaged

Prince Harry has said he knew the Meghan Markle was the One, from the moment they met, as the couple made their first public appearance.

Top 7 Christmas Markets in Tuscany

Chrismas is approaching fast and one of the best things to do is a visit to one of the many markets. Here is a list of Christmas markets in Tuscany.

Top 6 Things to Do in Rome in winter

Winter is just around the corner, and while of course, it is fun to visit Rome during summer but visiting Rome in winter is a whole new experience!

The Perfect New York City Christmas Itinerary

Heading to NYC during the holidays is magical! Follow this plan to see many of the classic and popular New York City Christmas attractions!

The Woman who rules Venice Canals

A 24-year-old broke with 900 years of Venice tradition when she passed the strict boating exam – but why have no other women joined her?

All World’s Amazing Sights in Just one Map

Atlas Obscura recently shared a World map celebrating one particularly noteworthy milestone: reviewing 10,000 sites and places on The Atlas.

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