A Video roadtrip to TUSCANY, ITALY

From the Etruscans to the Romans to the Renaissance, Tuscany region in beautiful Italy is possibly the greatest repository of art in the world...

Italian Flag – What the Colors mean

The flag of Italy: facts, colors and meaning. It's bright, it's colourful and it's full of symbolism. Here's what the Italian flag looks like and what it means!

10 Magical Places To Visit In Italy

Find out which are the 10 most magical fairy tale destinations to visit in Italy!

The Ultimate Road Trip Map Of Places To See In California

USA is a huge country consisting of many different places. A place that you should definitely visit is California. Let us discover together this region!

Sardinia – The Bluest waters in the World

Ask a Sardinian which are the most beautiful beaches on the island and he'll probably reply.. all of them. This is the Island of the 1000 beaches!

The 7 Best Photographic Routes In Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany region in Italy is often considered as the best place for a road trip thanks to its amazing photographic landscapes!

10 Things You Must Do In Naples

Here we give you some suggestions on things to do, from the “must see” to the most rooted local habits, to experience Naples at its best!

The Best of Rome, Italy (video+photos)

Tour around Rome City & the Best things to See - Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St Peter's Basilica, Piazza Navona... and more

The Beauty of Italy (video+photos)

Italy is one of Mother Nature's gems with natural diversity, incomparable art, and abundant wineries.. truly a dedication to living life well.

A Video roadtrip of PUGLIA, ITALY

Apulia is a region in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Puglia's coastline is longer than any of the other Italian regions!

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