Exploring the world of Italian wine is a continuous journey with endless opportunities to try new and exciting wines.

According to the book Wine Grapes, Italy boasts a staggering 377 distinct native grape varieties.There are many who believe that the number of grape varieties is much higher due to the existence of biotypes or sub-varieties that are genetically identical but have distinct morphological differences.
Additionally, there are 408 regional wine quality denominations known as D.O.P. (Denominazioni di Origine Protetta), further adding to the vast number of grape varieties.To give you an idea, if you tried a different Italian wine every week, it would require 20 years to sample all of Italy’s wines.Exploring the vast and diverse world of Italian wine can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to try every single one to get a taste of what Italy has to offer.
Instead, focus on the regions that specialize in a few primary wines. Luckily, each of Italy’s 20 regions has its own unique set of specialties, making it easier to narrow down your choices. Check out this map, which provides information on the vineyard plantings, major varieties or wine blends, and tasting notes for each of Italy’s major regions.