The Map of the Italian Languages

This video is all about the many languages of Italy, including traditional regional languages, recognized minority languages, and the Standard Italian.

Free Wine Fountain Opens In Italy (24 hours)

Grab your passport because Abruzzo town in Italy is welcoming visitors with a drinking fountain that dispenses wine. Anf it is absolutely Free!

A Gift from MILAN, Italy – Timelapse Video

If you have yet to see this incredible time-lapse of Milan City (Milano) in Italy, prepare to be blown away. An amazing Video (2:51) by Yury Sirri Nakvas!

ITALIAN WORDS you’ve been getting Wrong…

Learn how to pronounce Italian words correctly. Many of these common words are used (and mispronounced) by millions of people every single day!

Top 15 Funny Italian Expressions

During your stay in Italy, you should learn a few useful expressions that will help you communicate and of course understand better the Italian culture!


The Unites States has much to see from beautiful coastlines to majestic mountains. From east to west, below are 10 best cities to visit in USA!

Top 10 AMAZING Cafes In Italy

Did you know that Italian people give too much attention to their Café shops? Reading this list, you will find out why! A small guide to Italy’s Cafés!

Winter in VENICE, Italy (10 photos)

The crowds recede, the locals reclaim their town, and an entirely new Venice emerges. Enjoy ice skating and Mestre, Christmas in St. Mark's Square!

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Venice

The city of Venice with the magical canals and the romantic atmosphere. It is a true gem. Here are 15 things you probably don't know about...

The 10 Most Breathtaking Places On Earth

The Most Breathtaking Places in the World in pictures. From majestic waterfalls, and lost cities, to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders!

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