Top 7 Regions & Cities you Must Visit in Italy

Find your ideal Italian destination..!

Fiat 500 Turns 60 Years Old

An iconic car that has starred in many movies of the Italian cinema is considered Fiat 500, It is currently celebrating its birthday; it turns 60 years old!

Top 8 ‘White Cities’ Not to Miss in Italy

Many of those "White Cities" & Villages are located in the south (Southern Italy) and especially Puglia region and they will definitely charm you.

New Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture in Venice (Italy) Highlights the Threat of Climate Change

The artwork looks is about the threat faced by cities like Venice (Venezia) in Italy, as ocean levels rise and urge people to take action.

The Roman Empire Map with 250,000 Miles of Roadways

The sophomore in the University of Chicago Sasha Trubetskoy designed a subway-style transit map of all the roads in the Roman Empire circa 125 AD.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Train Rides in America

Train is a cozy and cheap transport and USA a wonderful place to discover by it.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian classic Cars

Italians are well-known for their incredible style. They are always in fashion without making any huge effort. Now it is time to check out their cars!

Top 10 Things the Italians Do Best

Italy is synonymous with great pasta, beautiful architecture, and a rich history of artistic traditions. Here are 10 things Italians Do Best!

Italian ‘Ghost Town’ for sale: Entire village available for less than price of a small flat in London

For €20,000 you can buy a 540 sq ft stone dwelling with a terrace and patio!

Italy to ban large Cruise Ships from Venice

Italian officials have agreed to stop the big Cruise Ships from Venice following protests from locals, environmentalists and Hollywood actors.

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