Top 7 Regions & Cities you Must Visit in Italy

Find your ideal Italian destination..!

Fiat 500 Turns 60 Years Old

An iconic car that has starred in many movies of the Italian cinema is considered Fiat 500, It is currently celebrating its birthday; it turns 60 years old!

Top 8 ‘White Cities’ Not to Miss in Italy

Many of those "White Cities" & Villages are located in the south (Southern Italy) and especially Puglia region and they will definitely charm you.

Italian ‘Ghost Town’ for sale: Entire village available for less than price of a...

For €20,000 you can buy a 540 sq ft stone dwelling with a terrace and patio!

7 Things Italians deeply Hate about Italy

Are there things that Italians hate about their beautiful country? Indeed, there are. Read the following article and get to know more the Italian people.

10 Ways to Easily Piss Off an Italian

Everyone knows that Italians is that they have a short temper. Read our list and get informed about the facts that you should avoid during your visit there!

Top 10 routes for Cycling in Italy

Italy has plenty to offer cyclists, with long stretches of coastline, mountain ranges and wonderful countryside from north to south.

This is the Most Romantic Restaurant in Italy

There aren't many experiences more romantic than eating a delicious meal while surrounded by a scenic view in Italy. Welcome to Grotta Palazzese !

9 Delicious Italian Summer Delicacies

Italy (Italia) is well known for many things and some of them is the absolutely amazing unique gastronomy and summer delicacies!

What makes Someone Italian?

Italy is not just a country. It's more you can even think. It is the culture, the history and the unique way of life that makes a person Italian.

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