The Oldest Cafe in the World is in Venice

Caffe Florian born in Venice in 1720. It is the oldest cafe in the World. Florian Florence is a fine dining restaurant and a museum of contemporary art.

The largest Christmas Tree in the World is in Italy

With height of 750 meters (!), included in the Guinness Book of Records, sparkles every year in the Italian medieval town of Gubbio in Umbria region.

Top 8 Things to Do in New York at Christmas

Discover the most magical 2017 New York Christmas events! Make your season bright with shows, shopping, displays & other merry things to do!

World’s Coolest Library With 1.2 Million Books

Nobody likes to be watched while they're trying to read a book, but we're willing to make an exception if it means getting to visit this stunning library!

Cyclone/Hurricane might hit South Italy this Week

Medicane / tropical storm in Mediterranean? Yes, a tropical like cyclone (TLC) increasingly likely to develop in thew Ionian Sea later this week...

Azzurri (Italy) failed to the World Cup

A tearful Gianluigi Buffon quit international football as 4-time champions Italy sensationally missed out on their 1st World Cup finals in 60 years!

Top 7 Breathtaking Roads in Italy

Italy is a country with a scenic beauty magnificently. Yet, it has some dangerous roads that can simply prove to be a great trigger for your trip!

Sicily Bans pushy waiters from the pavements

In Italy's popular tourist resorts, it's common to see waiters standing outside restaurants, chatting to potential customers and beckoning them in.

Journey across America – from New York to Nashville, New Orleans and San Francisco

Travel from east to west to discover the best of the amazing America!

Venice mayor criticize Tourists over price complaints

The mayor of Venice (Venezia) in Italy has criticized visitors who complain that the city is too expensive, accusing them of being cheap!

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