Sophia Loren’s Evolution

Italian actress Sophia Loren is a remarkable beauty. Although she turned the 83 years this September, she hasn’t lost any of her inner glow!

Gerard Butler enjoys Life in Italy

“When in Rome, be a Roman”, they say. But Gerard Butler does not believe in this. He behaves in the same way he would do in Brooklyn!

Map of Cost of Living in Italy

Cost of Living in Italy, including prices for 52 products in all the main cities in Italy.

16th-century Italian church turns into Tennis court

The floor of Milan’s Chiesa San Paolo Converso has been transformed into a fully functioning tennis court by artist Asad Raza—and anyone can play.

Top 7 Cheapest Places in Italy

So you’re looking for the most affordable places to visit in Italy that are also beautiful, are you now? Most people think of Rome and Venice when they..

A pair of God-like hands emerged from a Venice canal, Here’s how they got...

You've really got to see the images and videos to appreciate it!

Map shows every Country’s Best Places

TripAdvisor created a map with top tourist attraction in every country. Some picks were obvious, while others were a little more off the beaten path!

Made in Italy, the first electric Vespa

More than 70 years after Italy’s iconic scooter was born, the Vespa is getting its most radical update yet. The history behind Italy's famous scooter!

Leonardo Da Vinci painting sells for $450m

The $450m sale has of Leonardo da Vinci painting billed as the ‘biggest discovery of the 21st century has smashed all the world records!

This is Italy’s Incredible Underwater Farm

Scuba divers and agricultural experts develop a project to work out if growing plants in pods on the seabed could be a viable solution to future food supply...

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