Earthquake hits the beautiful Italian Island of Ischia causing deaths & Buildings to Collapse

A magnitude-4.0 earthquake struck the Italian holiday island of Ischia, causing destruction that left two people dead at peak tourist season.Authorities said, as rescue workers struggled early Tuesday to free two children from the rubble.
A woman was killed in Casamicciola, hit by debris that fell from a church, with the body of another spotted in the rubble of a collapsed house, local media reported.
Around 4am (0200 GMT) emergency workers rescued a seven-month-old baby, crying but alive, after hours of effort.They were still struggling to free the baby’s two brothers, who were alive but trapped and communicating with emergency services through the rubble.
Italian authorities first put Monday’s quake at 3.6, but subsequently revised it upward to 4.0 magnitude.

The main earthquake was followed by 14 smaller aftershocks, Borrelli said. Several buildings in the area collapsed and others had large, ominous cracks.