If you are a visitor in Venice, remember to visit all the famous sightseeing but do not limit yourself only to central districts of the city.
There are plenty other things to visit. A very good example of a Venetian secret is to visit several islands that are nearby.
There are plenty of islands in the city of Venice, which will make you forget the St Mark Square. These islands have been formed because of the peculiar conditions of the city’s tidal basin…

1. Murano

Due to these exact conditions Venice has been called “the paradise of the cities” according to Ruskin. Apart from the tides the currents of the city played also a very important role to the city’s current architecture and formation!

2. Lido and Pellestrina

Do not forget to visit the islands of the Lido and Pellestrina, which protect the Venetian lagoon from the Adriatic. Venice would have never been a maritime superpower, if the city did not have the tides. The tides allowed the city to have an “ordinary seaport” protected by its enemies!

3. Burano

In the past the city could be only be accessed by water. Nowadays the visitors have the chance not to use a boat, if they do not wish to, because the road and rail system have been developed and provide transportation to the mainland!

4. Mazzorbo

Apart from the Venetians secrets it would be a shame not to visit these places during your stay in Venice; St Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace and the Accademia. The major churches should be also in your list and they are within the historic network of six sestieri (districts). The Grand Canal is also a big water barrier that you can see, while you are exploring this magical city by a gondola.