How to survive the Heat-wave in Italy

The temperature is raising all over Italy and you'll need protection in order to survive this dangerous heat. These are the 10 best ways !

7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Sistine Chapel

This is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace (the Sistine Chapel), the official residence of the holly Pope, in Vatican City in Rome (Roma).

Italy’s 10 most Romantic Towns and Villages

Italy (Italia) is the country of love and romance, with numerous romantic Cities, places and spots to fall in love again and again. Lets see them !

Sylvester Stallone and his Dog Butkus

Sylvester Stallone is a well known actor is definitely really successful. But his famous characteristics came with heart ache and hard work..!

Italy’s 10 Most Beautiful Bell Towers

In Italy you can find some of the most beautiful and famous Bell towers of all styles and sizes that are absolutely wonderful.

Italy’s 10 Most Beautiful UNESCO heritage Sites

In Italy you can find over 5% of UNESCO’s global list, and another 40 spots which are up for consideration as possible additions.

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Italy

It is no secret that Italy will steal your heart. Here you will find 10 reasons that will make you fall in love with this beautiful country and its people.

This Video proves that ROME (Italy) is one of the World’s Most Beautiful Places

Rome was once the centre of the world. Watch this video and find out why it is still considered one of the most magnificent cities in the entire globe!

7 Best Things About Italy

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy."

This 119-Day Cruise Will Take you to 6 Continents

If you would like to see the world all in one trip, a new 119-day-long cruise could make your dream come true to travel all around the World.

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