Top 10 magical Places on Earth worth Visiting at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Amazing places & unbelievably beautiful nature exist not only in fairy tales but also in real World. Sometimes you have to see them with your own eyes!

Bad Weather warning for Italy with strong Rainfalls, Winds up to 9B and Snowfalls

Italy's National Meteorology Service has issued a bad Weather warning for the coming days. See which regions and Cities & places will be affected.

Swiss Village to Give $70,000 to Families Willing to Move in, and Here’s how...

Looking for a change of scenery? If a utopic, picturesque mountainside village in Switzerland sounds like your cup of tea, you’re in luck!

The Places in the USA they most Likely to have a White Christmas this...

These early predictions give us a sneak peek at Christmas Day snow!

Top 5 Italy’s After-Dinner Drinks

Most Italian people like to linger at the table, both during and after a meal. Dessert is leisurely and often served with some nice After-Dinner Drinks.

Top 5 Ways to Cure your Craving for Italy

Here are some tips on how to satisfy your craving for beautiful Italy, from Italian art to Italian food and everything in between. Read on the article ...

Top 8 Most Dangerous Mafia persons in Italy

One of Italy's most-wanted mafia clan bosses has been arrested in Uruguay after 23 years on the run for drug trafficking and mob activities!

Pope Francis gets Lamborghini, but won’t keep it

Pope Francis may have been given a Lamborghini, but he won’t be driving it.

Map of Umbria with major Places + Sights

An detailed Map of Umbria, Italy, showing main places, streets, areas, roads, landmarks and sights. Find out where is Umbria and get great travel ideas!

Top 7 Incredible Hill Towns in Italy

Here are seven small hill towns and villages in the beautiful regions of Le Marche and Umbria to consider for your next trip to beautiful Italy.

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