Dip into more than 200 wild swims from Lombardy to Sicily with the latest book from wild-swimming experts Wild Things.
Wild Swimming Italy uncovers the prettiest places to swim out in the open in Italy, with insider tips on how to get to each swimming spot.
Here is the list with all the extreme and hot destinations for wild swimming in Italy!…

1. Fosso Bianco, Bagni San Filippo, Tuscany

Fosso Bianco is a magical place, where the travelers can find the best hot springs. Grab your swimming suit and your camera and be ready to enjoy every moment! This place is hidden in the woods. It has a hot spring flowing down a huge white calcareous rock. The spring forms a set of several stunning hot pools, which are available both in summer and in winter.

2. Laghetti D’Avola, Syracuse, Sicily

Sicily is full of wonders. One of its wonder is considered to be the Laghetti D’Avola, which is the best option for relaxing by its turquoise waters. This place is famous for having two rocky pools with an incredible colour, surrounded by a breathtaking canyon full of waterfalls and fantastic scenery.

3. Cascata Plera, Tolmezzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

If you are a nature lover, this place will always have a special place to your heart. Because here you will find the famous waterfall of Cascata Plera!  The waterfall forms a small lagoon with magical turquoise waters, while the atmosphere is always so calm and fresh because of the wild flora.

4. Torrente Ceronda, Valleys of Turin, Piedmont

Torrente Ceronda is the ideal place combining both relaxation and action. Its visitors can admire the wild nature that surrounds the place but they can also jump into the large lake and have fun!  In the middle of this quiet forest it has been formed between the existing rocks a large pool with exceptional crystal blue waters.

5. Lago di San Domenico, L’Aquila, Abruzzo

If you have to plan your first date and you are in Italy, we have the perfect place for you; Lago di San Domenico is ideal and very romantic. Come here and admire the magnificent scenery of the Gole del Sagittario. There is a enchanting green lake, where you can have a picnic with your meant-to-be soulmate.

6. Spiaggia della rocca di Manerba, Lake Garda, Lombardy

If you are a nature lover and you mostly enjoy swimming ans sunbathing, Spiaggia della rocca di Manerba is ideal for you. Here you can even skinny dip, if you like! Swim in green-blue water under a white cliff and be secluded by this wonderful beach.

7. Le piscine dell’Auro, Metauro Valley, Le Marche

If you decide to visit Italy and enjoy the wild nature together with your family, piscine dell’Auro is the ideal place for you. It is perfect for families with little kids, while it has a series of easily accessible natural pools. The rocks are great for sun bathing and the water is almost always very warm and pleasant.

8. Lago di Ledro, Trentino

Lago di Ledro is the place to be, if you are into sports. Here the travelers have the opportunity to explore the beaches by canoe or by boat. The beaches, which surround this beautiful lake, are extremely beautiful especially in the summer, where you can also swim in the blue waters.

9. Foppiano, Fiume Taro, Emilia Romagna

Near to the river of Taro the travelers will have the chance to explore the wild nature and gaz at the fantastic scenery. Do not forget that there is also the opportunity to dive and swim in the river’s crystal waters. Afterwards, you can visit one of the many beautiful villages nearby.

10. Torrente San Michele, Lake Garda, Lombardy

If you want to add adventure to you journey in Italy, do not forget to visit the Torrente San Michele. In order to get there, you must start from Campione del Garda. Then you will see the gorge of San Michele, where there are small lagoons, waterfalls and rock channels! Have also fun with by hiking in the canyons.