Italy has some beautiful laghi (lakes) to choose from. So many romantic and breathtaking lakes make for a great place to visit.
With so many visits in Italy, it is good to have someone narrow down a few of lakes you should certainly visit.cAll boast a Mediterranean micro climate cradled by soaring snow-crusted Alps.
Read our list of 10 of the most beautiful lakes in beautiful Italy, worthy of at least one visit…

1. Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy found between Venice and Milan. It’s a very beautiful lake most travelers to Italy visit.

2. Lake Como

While Garda is the largest, Como is the most popular thanks to the amazing sites and beautiful scenery around it!

3. Lake Bracciano

Lake Bracciano can be found near Rome and is the result of volcanic activity thousands of years back. It has some of the cleanest waters in all of Italy.

4. Lake Maggiore

Maggiore is the longest lake in Italy and arguably its most beautiful. It’s a great idea to ride a cable car around the beautiful villages that surround it.

5. Lake Trasimeno

Trasimeno is located in Umbria and its style is different from the other lakes we saw so far. It’s a shallow lake with amazing nature surrounding it.

6. Lake Idro

On the colder side is lake Idro, a glacial lake and the smallest lakes in the country. There are some great hiking trails around the lake which offer beautiful views of it.

7. Lake Bolsena

Bolsena can be found in Lazio. It’s another lake that is based on a volcanic basin. There are some amazing black sand beaches on its shores.

8. Lake Fusine

Lake Fusine on the other hand is a green paradise with crystal clear waters. An amazing place for a picnic or summer getaway.

9. Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is amazing. Not only is the landscape breathtakingly scenic but there’s also a small island in its center with buildings of unique architecture and beauty.

10. Lake Lugano

Finally, there’s lake Lugano found in the Lombardy area, shared with Switzerland. It’s an amazing lake with incredibly picturesque villages surrounding it. Truly a scene out of a fairy tale.